flat design WordPress theme



Hey various busy, but this is a blog that did not bother the update, it was decided to resume the new theme release is renewed opportunity.

This time, a partner “TRIAD” from the newly released is a WordPress theme of naming that adopted the flat design of the street you can see “Grazioso”.



To eliminate the configuration of a conventional main column and sidebar, theme flat design features in one column simple.

Has transformed from messy impression site PR advertising and their products, we were able to be renewed to the easy-to-read blog of content priority.

I was thought What better to try to change the theme, place and that a larger image available.

In a narrow layout column width of until now could not be realized, that it has become possible to attract visitors with a large image, was the first nice point for me.


To be that attracts the eye of visitors at the big picture, how much effective thing, please have a look at the Apple official website of “iPhone6” was released recently as a good example.   



How do you like it?

By image and effective text layout spread to fill the screen, it has been realized appeal effect with the impact.


Still in Japan, but two columns on the right side bar and say so-called bloggers style is mainstream, this flat design is becoming almost mainstream in the English-speaking world.

As well as marketing tool, even for individual bloggers and affiliate, is in vain without the flow of access to external, visitor’s eyes how much important thing that to concentrate on the content, of the earlierApple official website of “iPhone6”If you look at the, you are self-explanatory.


“What,’m not either! There is no banner space” or might be a thought was Some people, I banner, did you know I not surprisingly click?

Rather than the comparatively click rate is high is given a prominent banner, and the fact that’s a text link in the footer that does not stand out a sober …

If there is a thing you want to do something special announcement, is better that was announced in Dekadeka and the top page as of this blog, it might be more effective.


The other, in the “Grazioso”, and have adopted a responsive grid system framework, correspond to the major browsers and mobile display, even for access from a smartphone, properly to keep the layout, beautifulWe have realized a display effect.

Official site of GraziosoFrom, because the demo site and detailed usage can be checked, if you are interested, please take a look at once.